24 Channel Live TV – News Channel of Pakistan

24 Channel Live TV is a popular Pakistani News TV channel that was launched on 2015. This channel is owned by Mohsin Naqvi. It’s headquarter is located in Lahore. It broadcasts its transmission in the Urdu language.
The slogan of 24 News HD is “Har Izhar Qabil e Itbaar, Ba Khabar 24 Ghanty”.
Slogan shows that 24 News inform you 24/7 and all delivered news are accurate and authentic.


This channel broadcasts its transmission in Pakistan, Middle East, UAE, UK, India, Ireland and South Asia.
24 News on airs hourly clock News Bulletin that includes all news about current affairs, national affairs, education, economics, sports, politics and protests from Pakistan and all over the world.
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24 News has a talented and intellectual team of anchors, reporters, analysts and newscasters that are committed to transparent reporting to convey the genuine and authentic news to the viewers. This channel is a role model for all news channels
24 News offers a variety of programs including morning show, Talk shows, debates and discussion on current affairs.

24 News also offers talk shows in which political situation is being discussed, Host anchors discuss current political situation and Analysts give their opinions on a certain topic.
24 Channel Live TV offers programs including Breakfast with Sajid Mir, Bol Apny Liye, Doc 24, DNA with Arif Nizami, Investigator 24, Sona Chandi ka Pakistan, Nasim Zahra @ 8, Mujahid Live, Ikhtalaf e Raye, inkashafat, Q k jamhoriyat Hai, Khabar K Sath, Situation Room, Special Transmission, Mery Aziz HamWatno and Khara Sach with Mubashir Lucman.
Khara Sach with Mubashir Lucman is a most popular program, which is hosted by Mubashir Lucman. This program includes discussion on current issues, political situation and democratic issues. Mubashir Lucman has a unique style and he is an intellectual and legend journalist.