Watch Ary Zindagi Live TV Channel Online at Smart TV

Ary Zindagi Live TV is a Pakistani enjoyment route and a part of ARY Electronic System. The route airs a wide range of Native Indian, Turkish and Pakistani applications.
ARY Zindagi was first broadcasted on 5 Apr 2014 as quality run available on AsiaSat 3S 105.5 Level Eastern. The route was initially released on 11 Apr 2014. The route has changed the foodstuff route ARY Zauq.


“Nothing is successful like success” – a saying well unfolding the appealing trip of ARY Electronic System as it included another route ‘ARY Zindagi’ to its family to provide more options to its audiences around the world.

The new route Ary Zindagi Live TV will function the wide range of applications depending on enjoyment.

The biggest satellite TV network of Pakistan, ARY Electronic System, is living up to the objectives of large numbers of its audiences in the enjoyment world for the last 13 years.

The newest inclusion ‘ARY Zindagi’ to the flip of ARY Electronic System will now provide a wide range of options in the enjoyment website.

The route delivers you mix dish of reveals depending on various styles like funny, dilemma, sitcoms, events, morning hours reveals etc. that has the propensity to get the audiences.
Ary Zindagi Live TV was formally released in Apr 2014 changing and rebranding the foodstuff route ARY Zauq. ARY Zindagi is also known for transmitting the old ARY Electronic demonstrates obtained huge popularity from the audiences.
The motto of the route “Zindagi se Milo” conveys a lot about the concept of the route that it is designed to bring vibrant reveals to your TV displays.

The major ARY Zindagi dramas and demonstrates captured the attention of the viewers are Simple Baba Ki Ounchi Haveli, Haal e Dil, Dil Haari, Socha Na Tha, Bay Daro Dewar, Sabz Qadam, Meri Ladli, Haya K Step, Babul Ki Duayen Leti Ja, Mai Nee, Eidi Sab Ke Liye to name a few.
Faisal Qureshi serves the morning hours display of ARY Zindagi Stay named “Salaam Zindagi”. The display is extremely recognized and valued by the audiences. The audiences will see some new and interesting reveals on ARY Zindagi.