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Fashion Watches
Fashion Watches

Fashion watches are not just stylish but a reflection of sense of style and how well one can accessorize oneself. Fashion or designer watches come in a large collection for men, women and teenagers. Fashion watches are much more than watches. They are also a form of expression of personality or the kind of sports one is involved in.

A trekker, a diver, or a rock climber, fashion watch can get the sports quotient appearing in it. What’s more amazing is it need not be something too expensive, as long as it displays the exact ‘feel’ and the ‘look’ one is looking for. Alfex swiss watches are more focused on the design and Swiss quality criteria and are mid-range priced. They have a history for making watches of the best designs and have won awards for the most innovative design and graphics. With such great designs and collections available, one will indeed buy a fashion watch for different events, meetings or functions.

A must have is a Colori watch while on vacation to team up clothes with colourful watches. They are inspired by seasonal colours and fashion trends which also can be a reflection of the mood of a person. Buying a fashion watch is not just a way of splurging money it can allow fashion experimentation. A great way to use it is by mixing different metallic bangles or coloured ones to put the watch in limelight, giving it that extra focus yet make it easy to check the time. The look allows a mix and match for trying fashionable versatility. A fashion watch should ideally be a must-have accessory in a wardrobe.
Alessandro Baldieri is a famous Italian designer whose creative flair, love of luxury and keen eye for detail lead him into the world of watches. Alessandro Baldieri is known for its accessible luxury, fashionable and stylish sports timepieces which amaze the imagination by the boldness of shapes and the fancy mix of styles and designs. Alfex dares to be spontaneous so you can dare to be different. The secret of this success lies in the clever union of classical Swiss art and the latest production technologies with the creativity of internationally acclaimed designers. These qualities characterize all Alfex collections and distinguish every single watch. Its elegant, high performance watches combine original designs with the professional skills and experience of its watchmakers, along with sincere passion for the art of fine aviation timepieces.

Baldieri Eot is a famous Italian designer whose creative flair, love of luxury and keen eye for detail lead him into the world of watches. Baldieri Eot is known for its accessible luxury, fashionable and stylish sports timepieces which amaze the imagination by the boldness of shapes and the fancy mix of styles and designs. Baldieri watches are made in limited edition and small quantities by selecting the best materials.

Boxer Milano collection is inspired by entertainment, experimentation, creativity in its pure state, comfort, strength and beauty. Precious dials encased in tender embraces of soft colored rubber. There is an authentic desire to dare in the Boxer Milano, of play with contrasts, to be different and unique in every occasion. Boxer Milano watches represent passion for the style and good taste of the sweet Italian life.

The Byblos is a unique unisex watch for all occasions, able to change its colours like a chameleon, thanks to the interchangeable straps, easily removable from the case. The double glass case allows you to see the colour of the strap, so changing the strap is like changing the dial, giving you the ability of changing the look of your watch whenever you desire, to suit your outfit or your mood for the day. The case comes in 3 different colours and sizes: black, silver & rose gold, 36mm, 40mm & 45mm. Byblos is a watch with great visual and constructive impact.

Haemmer is a German brand of exclusive big, bold, high quality fashion watches that make a lifestyle statement, at an affordable price. The watches are very comfortable thanks to the technical innovation of a left-sided crown; and other quality features include continuous laser-engraved serial number, 100m waterproof, screw-down case backs and folding and double buckle calf leather bracelets with stainless steel applications. – Haemmer is a German brand of exclusive big, bold, high quality fashion watches that make a lifestyle statement, at an affordable price. You can buy Haemmer fashion watches online at Chrono Watch Company.

Jacques Lemans uses only high quality materials like Japanese or Swiss automatic and quartz movements, high grade leather and solid stainless steel straps, especially hardened crystex or sapphire glass as well as solid stainless steel 316L and high-tech ceramic. Jacques Lemans offers an outstanding design collection and one of the most extensive technical solutions among the industry.
The idea behind the Italian brand ITAnano Orologi was to blend technology used in aero planes, racing boats and Formula 1 cars and develop the most amazing watch case body designs. ITAnano takes watch innovation a step further by combining new carbon fiber, mineral plus fibre and polyfibre technology with sophisticated engineering to introduce the best watch of its kins for the price. ITAnano Orologi is devoted to style, durability and affordability. You can buy ITAnano fashion watches at Chrono Watch Company.

Madison New York and Candy Time by Madison New York are one of the fastest growing affordably priced casual fashion watch brands in the world. Madison New York watches are available in a rainbow of colors, straps and dials to make a style statement with every outfit. These unisex watches feature high quality Japanese quartz movements and the designs are inspired by the latest fashion trends in one of the greatest cities in the world, New York City. It’s a trendy, cool unisex watch in varied colours.
Founded in 1998, Jorg Gray has expanded from an American specialty private-label watch company to a worldwide brand. Revered for its fashionable timepieces, Jorg Gray continues to create modern, yet timeless, watches while maintaining a respect for traditional principles of precision and attention to detail. The brand’s visually striking, boldly designed watches combine styling, materials and colors that appeal to today’s discerning customer.

Elite Model’s Fashion Watches are directly inspired by and licensed from the glamorous universe of the world’s No.1 modeling agency based in Paris. Elite model watches are distributed in more than 50 countries. Elite model watches are fashionable, glamorous, stylish, feminine and have an outstanding design with a French Touch.

Riedenschild is a unique brand that delivers high quality German design and craftsmanship and attention to detail at a great price. Each unique watch model is a showstopper and tells a story. All models use high quality Swiss or Japanese movements and are exclusively designed and hand assembled in Munich, Germany. With their stylish sporty designs, attention to detail, high quality and incredible value for money prices, Riedenschild timepieces have a special appeal for people who appreciate active outdoor lifestyles.
Montres de Luxe watches are a symbol of personality and harmony, elegance and Italian good taste. Each model of Montres de Luxe expresses beauty and luxury, elegance, style and classical distinction. The research and the attention to details, clean lines and colour effects, combined with the choice of noble materials like titanium, aluminium and high quality leather, make each Montres de Luxe an accessory with great personality.

Pierre Lannier’s fashion jewellery watches are exclusively designed by an in-house team of French fashion designers based at its production headquarters in France. The brand commitment is to produce high quality, useful and easy to wear quartz fashion timepieces at affordable prices. Watches designed by the Pierre Lannier label are an undeniable advantage when it comes to adapting outfits and making rapid transformations. The watch as an object turns into the watch as jewellery, a real fashion accessory that can be worn and changed as you please. So Pierre Lannier is focused on creativity, fantasy and luxury style at competitive prices accessible to everyone. – Pierre Lannier is one of the largest and best known names in French watchmaking.

Smoothie watches are Swiss made, chic and trendy fashion watches at affordable prices. The collection dives into a new universe of innovation and freshness. They are available in a rainbow of colours to choose from.

SteelCraft are accessible luxury, Swiss made sports fashion lifestyle watches. Born in 2009, it is resolutely and naturally elegant rather than sophisticated. The focus is mainly given to workmanship and steel.

MAX XL watches has conquered the world with its oversized fashionable chronograph watches. Inspired by youth and tradition, top selling designs are delivered time and again. MaxXL is driven by a passion for quality and design and its watches exhale power, energy and beauty. Its strong appearance and superb quality in all materials used is what ensures maximum identity. The reliability of time is assured by using only the finest Japanese automatic and quartz movements.
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