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CCTV News Live (China International TV Network), previously recognized as CCTV-NEWS, CCTV-9, and CCTV British International, is a 24-hour British information route, of China providers Main TV (CCTV), founded in China. The route increased out of CCTV Worldwide, which was released on 25 Sept 2000.
Coverage contains newscasts, in-depth reviews, and comments applications, as well as feature demonstrations. Its free-to-air satellite indication can be received by more than 85 million audiences, in over 100 countries and areas.


It is also carried by wire, DTH, IPTV, and terrestrial TV systems or techniques in many countries. It serves a worldwide English-speaking audience, such as international China and British sound system in China suppliers.

CCTV News Live started considering English-language international information development on 1 Jan 1980, at the start of China’s “Reform and starting up” period. British information applications started on CCTV-2 in 1986 and became available to international audiences when they transferred to CCTV-4 in Feb 1991. CCTV-9 started transmitting across China suppliers on 25 Sept 2000, becoming the country’s first all-English television place.

On 1 Jan 2003, CCTV-9 joined the United States wire market, as part of a deal that allowed AOL, Time Warner, and News Organization access to wiring techniques in Guangdong.
In its early years, CCTV-9 transmitted British terminology information applications and social interest reveals for most of each day and broadcasted mostly reruns during the overnight hours in China suppliers. One of its biggest tasks was in the 2008 China Olympic Games.

Despite its update and recent releasing of CCTV the United States, experts have talked concerns over the level of self-censorship worked out by the route, especially on delicate household problems in China suppliers. John p Cunningham of Cornell University, who has shown up more than 100 times on China suppliers Main TV talk reveals said delicate problems such as Tibet and Xinjiang were intensely modified on various applications.
Ma Jing, Home of CCTV News Live The United states protects such accusations by saying that the route modifications experiences the same way other information companies do. She said: “We maintain the traditional newspaper principles. We consider precision, detachment, honesty, and public responsibility extremely essential, more essential than anything else.

CCTV News usually airs a live information message in the first 50 percent of each time. As well as a plain information program, there are specialist applications concentrating on China and Oriental information, such as China suppliers 24 and business information BIZ ASIA.
Programming in the second 50 percent of each time contains activities applications, a travel show called Travelogue which takes audiences to locations around China suppliers and the world, and publications in the arts, science and activities.