Din News Live TV – News Channel of Pakistan

Din News Live TV is Pakistani news channel, which broadcasts its transmission in the Urdu language. This channel was launched on 1st January 2005.
Din News is owned by Din Media Group. Din News updates viewers 24/7. It on airs hourly news bulletin which includes all news about the political situation, protests, education, current affairs, national and international affairs, showbiz, sports and economics.


It broadcasts its transmission in high definition quality and best quality streaming. Din News is one of the famous channels of Pakistani news channels.
Din News offers a variety of programs including morning shows, political debates, economic sessions, sports, discussion forums, international affairs, defense, foreign affairs, trading, weather updates, events, happenings and much more.

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Din News offers many programs and talk shows. Millions of viewers from Pakistan and abroad watch daily top rated programs of Din News.
Some of the popular shows of Din TV are Jaiza hosted by Ra9bia Saleem, Pakistan online with PJ Mir, News Night with Neelum Nawab, Sarhad Paar by Muhammad Azeem, Situation Room, Aaj ki Baat Etc.
Din News Live TV has a talented, intellectual and goal oriented team, which is striving day and night to deliver an authentic, genuine, accurate and transparent news.
The team of Din News reporters, newscasters, anchor persons, analysts and journalists are committed to their responsibilities.
Din News offers many talk shows, in which political situation is being discussed. Hosts invite the guests and analysts to debate on a certain topic.
Analysts give their opinion on all issues that are being discussed and hosts make a conclusion of any current issue.
Din News is a role model for all news channels for its transparent reporting. It doesn’t compromise on transparent reporting and never change its policies under any pressure.