Express News Live TV:

Express News Live TV Channel is well known Urdu language television network, this channel is based in Lahore, but operating in all over Pakistan, it has been launched back in January 1st 2008 and it’s truly owned and operates by a top Urdu newspaper group, Daily Express, which is considered as third largest Urdu News Paper of Pakistan.


The Lackson Group have launched this channels Express News Live TV for 24/7, but not published this in English. Currently Express News is producing various TV Programs, including Off The Record, Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal, Think Tank (Current Affairs Segment on JIT), Mutability and many more like this, with some exclusive entertainment events and programs as well as news broadcasting.

Express News Live TV Channel streams it’s programs in High Quality/High Speed, with tv guide and complete programming Schedule, including talk shows, news beats, breaking news, now you can watch live news on express tv at Smart TV Portal, without any subscription and signup charges, for top headlines from Pakistan and worldwide about Sports, Politics, Crime, Social, Community Events, Debates, etc.

The Most popular show with High TRP is Khabardar at the moment on Express News Live TV. This Program is hosted by Aftab Iqbal, the program broadcasts in Urdu and Punjabi Language, as it is featured with some comedian guests, to make fun and news altogether. Interesting segment of this programs is that the host tells a strange or simultaneous news to the comedians and then comedians give opinion on that news in a funny way, which makes audience laugh and have fun. Khabardar airs 4 days in every week, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with live coverage or sometimes recorded and repeat programs.

Another famous show on Express News TV is Kal Tak hosted by Javed Chaudhry. The host of this programs is renowned anchor and columnist, working for both Express TV and Express Daily Newspaper, he is an old journalist writing and delivering his services in current affairs of Pakistan, by upcoming with his point of view in writing of columns and hosting shows at live TV channels. The Show of Kal Tak is based on same current affairs debates, etc.