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FilmOn is an Internet-based TV company possessed by FilmOn.TV Systems Inc. FilmOn.TV Systems is possessed by Alki Bob, who established the company in 2006.
FilmOn is to sign up centered Internet-based TV support enabling distant computer watching of local TV globally. It permits more than 600 extra programs plus 90,000 video-on-demand headings.


Its collection contains the CineBx and Allied Movie collections. It also allows customers to create their own lives and VOD programs. The route collection differs based on what country it is being considered in.
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In 2010 FilmOn released a loading online TV support for cellular phones. stated it was going to produce an extra over-the-air submission design using FilmOn AIR, a convenient receiver that was expected over-the-air HD programs to cellular phones and computer systems. In May 2012, FilmOn released its Facebook or Myspace app.

Other improvements include Shockmasters, a route dedicated to Alfred Hitchcock films and tv shows; Bloodzillathon, a route dedicated to Japanese people kaiju beast movies; and Speech of The united states TV, the first international loading accessibility to the U.S. National broadcaster since the rules modified in 2013 to allow transmitting of VOA alerts in the U.S.

On 1st May 2017, all programs were set to “Paid” – both SD and HD high quality – which reduces watching a chance to 2 minutes. Formerly, SD high-quality programs were mostly free.

FilmOn and Alki Bob have been associated with several legalities over development such as the buggy of major U.S. transmitted programs, such as CBS (and its sis system, The CW), NBC, ABC and FOX (and its sis system, MyNetworkTV), among others.
This led to demanding FilmOn to go these programs in the year 2011. This year, the programs were all came back after is attractive were filed in Govt. Court and FilmOn released it’s FilmOn Air X aerial village.