Geo Super Live Tv Stream – Sports TV Channel

Geo Super Live TV is the first 24-hour Dubai-based Pakistani route devoted to actions. It is associated with Separate Press Organization, owner of the Jang Group of Newspapers
In delayed Sept 2007, after amazing success of Geo TV, GEO TV Network released Geo, the first ever Dubai-based 24-hour actions route of Pakistan.
Geo shows actions activities, concentrating mainly on cricket, with additional concentrates on soccer and field golf.


Geo Super as suggested by its name personifies everything that is ‘SUPER’ in the wearing globe. From super gamers to super actions, from super competitions to super excitement, the route offers the biggest quality of sportsmanship in all actions.

Geo Super Live TV provides endless protection of every player, both on the floor, and off the floor.
Soon after its release, Geo TV handled to protect the TV privileges to the ICC competitions for the next five years protecting all significant cricketing pursuits like ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC Winners Award, Twenty20 World Cup, Faysal Bank T20 Cup and ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup.
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Geo Super Live TV includes all significant actions in the cricketing globe, punching, golf, soccer and golf. Events like The Ashes, ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC World Twenty20, ICC Winners Award, Pakistan’s household T20 Cup, IPL, PSL and Pakistan Kickboxing Group to name a few.
Lately, in cooperation with Pakistan Football Federation, Geo released the Football Group competitors including the 5 big places of Pakistan having their own soccer groups in a league structure competitors for the improvement of soccer in Pakistan.
Since Geo Live is a Pakistan-based actions route, it has concentrated on the household actions in the country and has broadcasted pursuits like 2007-08 RBS Twenty20 Cup and 2008-09 RBS.