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India News Live is a 24-hour Hindi news TV route in Indian. It is handled by ITV System.
The Channel is possessed by Kartikeya Sharma, Chair and Handling Home, ITV System (Information TV Pvt. Ltd.). Deepak Chaurasia is the channel’s Editor-in-Chief. Rana Yashwant is the Handling Manager of Indian Details, whose program Ardh Satya obtained a Red Ink prize 2016 in classification “Human Rights”.


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ITV System also operates British news route NewsX, four local Hindi news programs (India Details Haryana, Indian Details Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh, Indian Details Rajasthan, Indian Details Uttar Pradesh), every week British paper ‘The Weekend Guardian’ and daily Hindi paper ‘Aaj Samaj.

India News Live transmitting is handled by Details TV Private Restricted, which has its own Teleport service for the Uplinking of its satellite television programs.
The route is available on all major DTH systems, Digital/Analog wire, Web and Mobile Television. Deepak Chaurasia is the head reporter of the route, and the route also airs reveals like ‘Good Fortune Guru’ presenting thinker Pawan Sinha.
This channel updates with hourly clock that include latest news, weather updates, protests, Demands, Courts, crime, entertainment, sports, happenings, incidents and much more.
This channel broadcasts its transmission in India Pakistan, Middle East, UAE, UK, India, Ireland and South Asia.
India TV transmits hourly clock News Bulletin that includes all news about current affairs, national affairs, education, economics, sports, politics and protests from Pakistan and all over the world.
This route shows it’s transferring in Native Indian Pakistan, Middle Eastern, UAE, UK, Native Indian, and Ireland in European countries in European countries and South Asia.
This channel about airs on per hour basis clock Details Message that includes all news about current issues, national issues, education, business overall costs, sports, state policies and presentations from Pakistan and all over the world.