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Madani Channel Live TV is a well-known Islamic channel in Pakistan, that provides a vast number of Islamic applications that are viewed by large numbers of Pakistanis, Observe Islamic Reveals 24/7, such as Dawat e Islami ki Madani khabrain (NEWS), Labbaik (Me Haazir hon) System Sequence or Periods, Madani Muzakaray to understand about Islamic Lessons and Shariah Rules, a wonderful section of Dar ul Ifta AhleSunnat to comprehend alternatives of various problems in opinions of Islamic Lessons.


Dilchasp Suwaalaat aur Ameer e AhleSunnat kay Eman Afroz Jawaabaat Stay | Sunnato Bharay Bayanat | Mahafil – Ijtima e Zikr o Naat | Islam aur Dars e Mahabbat.
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Madani Channel provides an enjoyable option in today when press surprise is immersing up. It seems as if Madani Route is a rainfall of Heavenly Delights that is willing to distribute the passion for ALLAH and Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H).
Madani Channel Live TV is a Dawat e Islami TV has a variety of top-ranked Islamic TV applications watch by large numbers of Pakistani every day. Madani Route aim is to advertise Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) to all over the globe where Muslims live.

You can Observe Ramadan 2016 Stay Transmitting using movie loading option available at this site of Dawat-e-Islami’s web page. Madani Route is one of well-known faiths channel of Pakistan.

You can view Madani Route on the internet really like the extensive variety of different Islamic applications and Naats.
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