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NDTV Live New Delhi TV is a Native Indian television press organization established in 1988 by married couple Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy. NDTV is an abbreviation for the very first name of the organization, New Delhi Tv, created and belonging to Southern Africa’s City Produce Companies.


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NDTV Live organizes strategies through its programs to support education and learning, non-urban electrification, and attention on global warming. Some of its strategies are as follows:

Greenathon: An event to produce to distribute attention on global warming and non-urban electrification. It was sustained by many stars such as Priyanka Chopra, Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar.
There have been two successive periods of Greenathon strategy truly and 2011 leading to contributions of more than 130 thousand Rupees. It is also subsidized by car maker Chevy.

Save Our Competition Campaign: This strategy was released on 30 Jan 2010 by Native Indian telecommunications organization Aircel in collaboration with NDTV Live and WWF-India.
The goal was to create attention among Indians about the quickly reducing woods inhabitants in Indian.
The first year of the NDTV strategy culminated in a 12-hour telethon. During the telethon, people become a huge hit to governmental management and everyone to do whatever they could to secure the Native Indian Mr. woods. As a result of the strategy, several popular governmental management came on the air and promised to secure the jungles of their specific declares. During the telethon, 19.9 thousand rupees were brought up through contributions.
The resources gathered were contributed to “Rapid Reaction Models (RRU)” to provide and practice woodlands divisions to react during urgent circumstances like a man-animal issue, anti-poaching patrolling, and fire-fighting among others.