Neo News Live – True Picture of Rising and Resilient Pakistan

Neo News Live is an Urdu terminology Pakistani news route centered in Lahore, released on 15 May 2015.
Neo TV name comes from the term pakistaneo which contains neo in the end, where neo is the start audio in the term news.


Neo Information provides a number of applications and discuss reveals such as Jamhoor, Ikhtilafe Observe Babar Awan Kay Saath, Tabdeeli Reham Khan Kay Saath, Pukaar, Halwa Puri, Sawa Teenager (Comedy Wide range Series), Dastak, Harf-e-Raaz (Talk Show).
Scores of Information Channel are already existing now in Pakistan.
Neo News Live guarantees to be different in conditions of high quality of their material and impartial confirming.
Chair of the Press Team Chaudhry Abdul Rehman says that Pakistan is in a social and ideological war and we guarantee that we will protect Pakistan’s lifestyle and belief from the System of Neo.

We will battle on the ideological methodologies for our dearest nation and will put best of our initiatives to take high quality and high quality in Pakistani media Market.
Neo Information is now very easily accessible, it is available on our online TV website Intelligent TV with high-definition and unlimited loading. is best TV website.
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Neo comes from ‘Nai Baat’ the name itself guarantees advancement and high quality. Nai Baat’s perspective is to offer the Pakistani nation along with the motivation to restore Pakistan. The substance is the loyal soul. The team also operates a popular system of Universities in Punjab. The team is possessed by Chaudhry Abdul Rehman.
Neo News Live Stay – A route of Nai Baat Paper, Neo TV is released to offer the needs of news and gives matters. The chairman of Neo TV Stay Mr. Chaudhry Abdul Rehman indicated his perspective behind the route.
Seeking high quality through advancement, the route is designed to offer clean and useful material to the listeners. Newness, high quality, and originality are the slogan of Neo TV Stay. You can view live loading of Neo TV Stay only on Smart TV.