Noor Tv

Noor TV (meaning “light” in the Persia language) is a US-based Afghan satellite TV system, working from Pleasanton, Florida. The place is available on Universe 25 satellite TV plate throughout Northern the U. S declares.

Noor TV’s applications are transmitted 24-hours and include: world information, children’s and youngster’s development, game, food preparation, music and talk reveals.


The objective of Noor TV is to enhance balance in the oft-fractious Afghan areas in the United States and Canada and America.

Three Afghan People in the U.S declares bros of Fremont, Florida (Yama Yousefzai, Haris Rahimi and Farzan Rahimi) established and released Noor TV on 29 This summer 2007 and first showed up on TV displays on 1 Aug 2007.

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