PTV Home Live Channel – Pakistan Entertainment TV Stream

PTV Home Live is Pakistan TV Company major path which is passed on globally through satellite television TV. The content of the terrestrial and satellite television TV programs is different; for example, terrestrial development contains stay telecasts of Pakistan’s cricket matches and other expert sports, but the satellite television TV path cannot transfer these components.


The idea of making a media and TV market was created late 1958 by the separate set-up national knowledge amount, with the support of then-President Place Marshal Ayub Khan.
In 1964, Syed Wajid Ali launched a TV professional development project and presented in power expert Ubaidur Rahman of Pakistan Transferring Company (PBC) as the work is known for the first tv program.
Ali identified a private TV transmitting organization with the cooperation of Nippon Electric Company (NEC) of Japan and Brown TV Worldwide of Great Britain.

In 1963, at a public meeting chaired by Main Professional Ayub Khan, the government determined to produce TV market in the country. Since 1963, its secret headquarters has been operating out of Islamabad.
From 1961–62, a TV secret headquarters was identified in Lahore, and Rahman’s team created several lead transmitting tests, while many TV segments were identified throughout Pakistan, such as in Southern Pakistan, now Bangladesh. ‘PTV Home’ features building is located at H-9 market, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Today, PTV Home Live Stay is recharged with a new soothing look and new TV Reveals running nicely. Some of the popular primary time PTV Live shows are Avengers, Nageen, Love Main Viewpoint, Zara Si Galat Fehmi, Tum Simple Kya Ho, Morning hours hours with Juggan, Concept Name Red, Masi Yar Tang Na Kar to name a few. PTV Channel Stay also passed on Cleansing agents like Kanch K Rishtey, Meri Bahuein, Zindagi Mjhy Tera Pata Chahye, Wajood e Zan to name a few. The road has lot of entertainment packed for children as well that contains Fun Part, Young Superstars, Kidz Place, Pockets Money Reveals etc. The viewers of UK, USA, The The u. s. declares, Native indian, Saudi Persia and Canada and america and america can keep in touch to their country by acquiring PTV home Stay Running available on, Watch your recommended PTV Home Live Activities only on Smart TV.