PTV News Live TV – News Channel of Pakistan

PTV News Live TV is the only channel which is owned by Government of Pakistan. It provides News in Urdu and English language to Pakistani community worldwide. It also delivers news in Kashmiri, Balochi, Pashto, Sindhi, Arabic and other regional languages.
The slogan of PTV News is “Sach Zimadari Ke Sath”. Its slogan commits to transfer all truth information to the viewers.


Normally Reporting of PTV News Supports Governmental Policies and defends Government. It does not promote news, which are against government officials or policies.

PTV News is easily accessible on our TV portal Smart TV. You can enjoy High definition quality live streaming of PTV News and all other channels on without any signup charges.
Pakistan Television Network is largest media network in our country. It has an advanced technology infrastructure and a well-established team, which includes News Anchors, Political Analysts, Economic Analysts, Defense Analysts and News Reporters.
PTV News Live TV started first time News Bulletin since the time Television was first time launched in the country. PTV was recognized and got more fame with News Bulletin, which was on airs at 9:00 PM, it was known as “KhabarNama”.
This bulletin delivers a detailed news of all Pakistani and foreign affairs. PTV offers Talk Shows and Programs, which are based on the discussion about Political Affairs, Social Issues, Problems and Solutions, Economic Session, Sports and Educational Affairs.
PTV News offers traditional Programs that shows the Culture and Civilization of Pakistan’s different areas.Culture is represented of Pakhtoon, Baloch, Sindhi, Kashmiri and Punjabi.
Bazam-e- Tariq Aziz was the most Popular Show of Pakistan Television Network. Its name changed into Tariq Aziz Show, now the name of this program is Neelam Ghar.
This program is hosted by a well-known personality Tariq Aziz. Tariq Aziz is a legend Host having a unique style. It is pure family entertainment program.
It consists of general knowledge questionnaire, Poetry competition, Mind blowing games and quiz competitions. Participants are rewarded with gifts on their performance. There is no host that is able to compete Tariq Aziz.
PTV News Live TV offers the pragmas that are Insight With Sidra Iqbal, Dateline Pakistan, Tanazur, Documentary, News Night, Current Affairs Time, Business Updates, Kashmir Magzine, Corporate Cofee, Etc.