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Royal News Live is a specialized 24/7 Information Route. Elegant Information is a Lahore-based Pakistani news channel, owned and managed by Elegant Group and Brings Group.Situated in 95-Tipu Block Garden Town near Kalma Chowk Lahore. Elegant Information started its transmitting in Aug 2007 and has millions of Urdu-language audiences around the globe.


Some of the popular applications of Elegant Information are Halqa-e-Yaaran, Information Today with Khalid Minhas, Straight Discuss With Faisal Buttocks and a lot of applications. Elegant Information secret headquarters is located in Lahore and managed by its Chair Mian Abdul Ghafoor Wattoo, Primary Professional Mian Zahoor Ahmed Wattoo, Handling Home Khizer Hayat Wattoo, director Asad Wattoo and Elegant Information team. Elegant Information is soon starting an Urdu Information Document “Pyaam-e-Mashriq”
You may observe Royal News Live at our on the internet TV website without any charges.
ROYAL GROUP PROJECTS: Elegant Press System (Royal Information Route, Brings Wire System, Urdu Everyday Document “Payam-e-Mashriq”). Brings School, Number of Universities and Educational institutions System. Elegant Pakistan Display Journeying Solutions. Gwadar Elegant Landscapes Real Estate Plan. Formanites Real Estate Plan Lahore. Formanites City Islamabad. Elegant Dairies Pakistan. Brings Construction.

Royal News Live is regarded as one of the well known appealing channels of Pakistan. Managed from Lahore, Elegant Information is classified as a local channel that is designed to provide news and present matters from Lahore and surrounding areas. Elegant Information is known for telecasting latest news from Pakistan and international field, sports, enjoyment, and business community. With professional team and state of the art facilities, Elegant Information obtained large viewership across Pakistan. The secret headquarters of Elegant Information TV is located in Lahore and is managed by its Chair Mian Abdul Ghafoor Wattoo.

Top-ranked TV applications including their morning show “Royal Morning”, Qaumi Yakjehti, Education Front, Sach Magar Karwa, Issue of the Day, Elegant Café, Sheher Sheher Gali Gali, Media reporter Pakistan, and Hum Kon Hain are transmitted from system of Elegant Information. The channel is going to start the Urdu Information paper named as “Pyaam-e-Mashriq”. Some of the popular tasks of Elegant Press System include the Elegant Information Route, Brings Wire System, Urdu Everyday Document, Elegant Pakistan Display Journeying Solutions, Brings School, School and Number of Universities, and Gwadar Elegant Landscapes Real estate Plan etc.