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Russia Today Live (formerly Russian Federation Today) is a European worldwide TV network financed by the European govt. It functions satellite television and wire TV stations instructed to viewers outside of Russian Federation, as well as offering Internet material in various ‘languages’, such as British, Spanish language and European.


RT International, located in Moscow, provides around-the-clock information programs, documentaries, talk reveals, controversy, activities information, and social programs that it says provide “a European perspective on major international events”.
RT functions as a multilingual service with traditional programs in three languages: the very first English-language route was released in 2005, the Arabic-language route in 2007, and the Spanish-language route during 2009.
RT the United states (since 2010), and RT UK (since 2014) offer some regionally centered material for those nations.
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RT is a brand of “TV-Novosti”, an “autonomous non-profit organization”, established by the European information organization, RIA Novosti, on 6 Apr 2005. During the financial problems in Dec 2008, the European Government, advancing by Primary Reverend Vladimir Putin, involved ANO “TV-Novosti” on its list of primary companies of ideal significance of Russian federation.

RT has been frequently described as a propaganda store for the European govt and its foreign policy.
RT has also been charged with growing disinformation by information journalists, such as some former RT journalists, The United Empire press regulator, Ofcom, has continuously found RT to have breached guidelines on impartiality, and of transmitting “materially misleading” material.
CNN, he saw Russia Today Live as another “channel of adolescents who are unskilled, but very considering what they are doing.” Soon after the route was released, Wayne Artist had written that RT and other alike information programs such as Italy 24 and TeleSUR saw themselves as “counter-hegemonic”, providing a varying perspective and information material from that of European press like the CNN and the BBC.