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Times Now is a 24-hour British information route in Indian. It is managed by The Times Team.
Along with the other Times group programs (Zoom, ET Now and Films Now) Times Now is allocated by Media System and Submission (India) Ltd (MNDIL), which is a partnership between The Times Team and Yogesh Radhakrishnan, a satellite TV and wire market expert, under the brand Primary Link.


On Nov 15, 2011, in the nation’s maximum attorney fit, Superior Assess upheld Bombay Great Court’s order making Times Now vulnerable to pay Rs. 100 crore. The route had improperly run Rights (retd) P B Sawant’s image instead of another judge in a relationship with the Provident Finance fraud.

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Times Now was charged with misrepresenting information regarding a meeting its telecast of a claimed eve-teaser in Aug 2015. The Media Believe in of Indian regulators requested Times Now to apologize and penalized 50000 rupees for this.

On 17 Feb 2016, Times Now broadcasted an unverified video which charged Kanhaiya Kumar, an individual, of sedition.

Times Now obtained a lawful requirement from Zakir Naik for claimed attorney of 500 crore rupees. Although Zakir Naik, as mentioned, is claimed but not associated in Dhaka Jangi Strike.

Times Now obtained a lawful ‘cease and desist’ observe from the wire.in the press for its claimed vilification of Siddharth Varadarajan.