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TV One Global Live Channel is a general enjoyment route from Pakistan that airs dramas, cleansers and way of life programs.

TVOne and sis place Information One are part of Air Surf Press, possessed by Interflow Emails, one of Pakistan’s major advertising organizations. Interflow Emails released the first private TV route in Pakistan in the early 90’s as well as releasing TV ASIA in the UK.


In Aug 2009, TVOne Live released the route in the United States on Plate Network. In Sept 2010, a Canada service working under the name TVOne North america released on Rogers Wire. In Nov 2015, TVOne North america stopped functions. Nov 2005 Musicone Is 24Hr Music & Infotainment Channel.
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TV One Global Live Channel is the Pakistan’s Leading TV Channel Designed towards Offering Quality Entertainment TV Designed for the Entire Family to all over the world.
Years back, TVOne set its base with the release of very first private TV route in Pakistan, “NTM”. Developed with a lot of experience, it’s up with dramas that include your lives; cleansers that provide you enjoyment and way of life programs that demonstrate you different ways to bridegroom yourself.

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